Exploring the World of Zoomee

Zoomee is an innovative platform that elevates virtual meetings to new levels of success. With its seamless zooming features, participants feel connected and engaged even when working across the globe.

Zoomee offers advanced features like chat functions and virtual whiteboards to foster team collaboration and productivity, as well as integration capabilities that let users streamline workflows by connecting their Zoomee accounts to various tools and platforms.

Organizing a Meeting

When you are ready to organize a meeting, simply click the “Schedule” icon. This will open a scheduler window where you can enter all your meeting details.

Topic Field (or Meeting Name Field) – Enter the name of your meeting here, along with any additional Meeting Options such as Require Meeting Password and Mute Participants Upon Entry (you can also enable Join Before Host for users with Pro or API Partner accounts ). Join Before Host allows attendees to join early, before host starts the meeting; however this feature only available to users with these accounts.

Your meeting can become a recurring event by setting it to generate a Meeting Link each time. Copy this link and add it to a calendar invite or send it directly to participants via a Slack channel or text message. In addition, you can choose whether the host video should be enabled when participants join and whether their audio should be Telephone Only or Computer Audio.

Managing Participants

There are various security measures you can implement during a Zoom meeting, which are accessible in the Participants panel of host controls.

Make Co-Host (only available to hosts): Allows participants to become co-hosts of an event, with up to two co-hosts per event selected as co-hosts. Rename (only applicable during current meeting): Allows for temporary changes to the name displayed to participants within this meeting – changes made here can only take effect in that particular meeting and cannot be changed permanently within their profile.

Mute participants upon entry: At the start of your call, incoming new participants should be placed on mute to prevent them from speaking without authorization or disturbing others in the room. You can do this by selecting an individual in the Participants panel and using its Mute option.


Zoom can be a valuable asset in the remote workplace, yet it may come with its own set of frustrations. From performance hiccups to connection issues, virtual meetings may become less effective than they should be. Luckily, network performance factors that can be addressed to improve Zoom reliability and stability. To efficiently troubleshoot, it’s essential that a baseline for normal performance be established by comparing performance between at least one Public Monitoring Agents.