SIM Registration – How to Register Your SIM Card With TNT

SIM registration is an essential security measure for mobile users under Republic Act 11934 to protect themselves against scams such as texting scams, smishing and other crimes committed via telecom services. For both new and existing subscribers alike, registration should be an absolute priority in order to prevent deactivation of their devices.

Telcos have an unprecedented opportunity to build comprehensive customer databases that can be leveraged by both the state to track individuals or shared with third-parties for marketing purposes.

What is TNT?

Subscriber identity modules (SIMs) are central to mobile phone functionality, from making calls and sending texts, to accessing the internet and purchasing airtime credits. But if you fail to register your SIM, its activation may be deactivated by your telco, meaning no calls or texts may be placed or received and any remaining load balance lost forever.

TNT (trinitrotoluene) is an explosive composed of nitrogen and oxygen containing groups connected by organic backbones – usually 2-3 or more nitro groups) connected to one another, connected via strong bonds to produce TNT’s unique ability to explode when exposed to initiating forces like heat or light. TNT explosions produce large explosions capable of propelling projectiles like bullets from guns or bombs from dynamite sticks into space or even creating structural demolitions.

Smart Communications, Inc. and TNT have intensified their efforts to encourage both prepaid and postpaid subscribers to comply with the newly implemented SIM registration law. At present, assisted SIM registration booths and touch points have been set up across SM Supermalls nationwide ranging from Cauayan in Isabela on Luzon all the way down to General Santos South Cotabato on Mindanao.

How to register your TNT SIM card?

SIM Registration TNT is mandatory for all Smart subscribers as part of the SIM Protection Act of 2007. Minor end-users (under 18 years old) must also have their parents or guardians register their account on their behalf; similarly, tourists and foreign nationals are also required to register their SIM cards with Smart.

When switching networks, MNP (Mobile Number Portability) offers are highly recommended to ensure you can bring your phone number with you despite switching providers. Check out TNT’s Mobile Number Portability offers here.

TNT’s new online video

No matter if it is your first time with TNT or not, this quick online video will assist in the registration of your SIM card. Without registration, your number could become deactivated and/or you won’t be able to utilize calls, text and data services; so watch and learn today how to register it properly.

Your will also be required to provide an alternate contact number or email address as verification purposes, before clicking “Next.” Once complete, the next page is the Summary Page where you can double check all information submitted and submissions.

TNT (Talk ‘N Text, Mobiline and Phone Pal) is a cellular service provided by Smart Communications in the Philippines. Also referred to as Talk ‘N Text, Mobiline and Phone Pal, its network offers voice and data services nationwide for subscribers across AMPS/CDMA network technology. Based in Ortigas Center Pasig City with 16,590,737 active SIM cards as of April 2000 – TNT ranks third-largest among Philippine carriers for both value for money and customer service. Furthermore, its promotions and rewards make TNT very popular among Filipino consumers; additionally it ranks as one of the leading prepaid mobile card providers globally!